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Modern Soulful Living Academy

Modern Soulful Living Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing online education for personal development and spiritual wellness. Our mission is to promote mental health and spiritual healing by offering accessible, inclusive and transformative courses that help people live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics including art, culture, music, inner peace, meditation techniques, daily affirmations, stress management, relationship building and more. Each course is designed with the goal of helping individuals cultivate inner peace, resilience and personal growth.

Join us today and discover how you can live a more soulful life!

About us

Why Modern Soulful Living Academy?

The Modern Soulful Academy founded by Rev. Dr. Dorthea Enrique Fondren is a virtual school with over 100 online courses that teach people about yoga, meditation, self-care, and more. The courses are available on-demand as well as in live lesson series.

Highly experienced instructors

Experienced Spiritual Advisor

Having an experienced spiritual advisor can offer individuals more support and a sense of companionship as they navigate their spiritual journey. Through providing a compassionate, non-judgmental environment for people to explore their spiritual path, experienced advisors can help our students grow in faith and connect on a deeper level with their inner selves.

Weekly Live lessons

Certified Courses

Certification can provide a sense of security and achievement by acknowledging one’s mastery of covered subjects.
Furthermore, certification often opens up new career opportunities, increases your earning potential, and enables you to stay competitive in your field.

Downloadable materials

Downloadable Materials

By providing downloadable materials such as PDFs, videos, and audio files, learners can access course content anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection. This allows for greater flexibility of learning and ensures that learners can make progress on their course even when offline.

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Rated Highly

A high-rated online course means that previous students have found the course to be helpful and effective in achieving their goals. Ratings also provide valuable feedback from students, allowing you to assess the quality of the course before enrolling.

new courses and books added weekly!


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What people say

These courses were amazing at teaching the basics to someone with little to no knowledge of spirituality or self-development. I am extremely pleased with what I learned in such a short amount of time.


Lifestyle Blogger

The "Manifest Your Dreams" course is helpful for every step of life, especially when you are at a place where you are very excited to transition to a new phase. Listening to this hypnotherapy program daily reminded me that change can occur with our effort and will contribute to a huge success in my spiritual business.


Spiritual Wellness Entrepreneur

Frequently Ask Questions

How can I enroll in a course?

Once you find the course, read the course description and requirements. If you meet the requirements, proceed to the enrollment process. This involves filling out the online application form with your personal information, selecting the desired course, and paying the course fees.

What are the course objectives?

A spiritual wellness and personal development online course is designed to help individuals achieve a greater sense of self-awareness, inner peace, and happiness. The course objectives are centered around providing participants with tools and strategies to explore their spirituality, develop a deeper understanding of themselves, and ultimately live a more fulfilling life. Through a series of interactive lessons and exercises, participants will learn how to identify their values, beliefs, and goals, as well as how to overcome any mental or emotional barriers that may be hindering their personal growth.

What are the different types of courses offered by Modern Soulful Academy?

Our spiritual wellness and personal development online school offers a variety of courses that focus on the mind, body, and spirit connection. The courses typically cover topics such as meditation, yoga, energy healing, mindfulness, and personal growth. Modern Soulful Living Academy offer courses on spirituality and religion, including courses on Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. Other popular courses include courses on health and wellness, such as nutrition and fitness, and courses on psychology, such as positive psychology, self-help, and personal development.

What is the cost of a course?

The cost of our online courses for spirituality and personal development varies depending on the level of content and the duration of the course. On average, you can expect to spend between $0-$200 for our certified online courses. However, some courses may cost more if they come with additional resources such as books, audio, workbooks or private coaching sessions. It's important to read over the course before purchasing to make sure it's worth your investment.

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