Manifest Your Dreams Program

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Duration 38 m 10 s

Manifest Your Dreams Program

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Discover the power of positive thinking and how you can make your dreams really come true! The simple system for utilizing your internal power system to manifest your dreams! The law of attraction is revealed! Find out how you can seize the power that lies within! How to immediately eliminate negative energy and use affirmations to turn dreams into reality!

The Manifest Your Dreams online course is an opportunity for you to start living your dream life. This online course will help you create a life that you love, one that is aligned with your values and is truly fulfilling. The course will teach you how to manifest your dreams, set goals, and make them a reality. Sign up today.

Course content

videoIntroduction to Manifestation51 sFree
videoManifestation Methods2 mFree
video10 Powerful Manifestation Techniques That Will Change Your Life4 m
videoThe Science Behind Manifestation: How Our Thoughts Create Reality4 m
videoPower of Positive Thoughts (audio)2 m 21 sFree
videoUnderstanding the Law of Attraction (audio)3 m 23 sFree
videoEliminating Negativity (audio)1 m 38 sFree
videoHow I Visualised My Dreams Into Reality | Maria Rahajeng18 mFree
videoAffirmations to manifest your dreams1 m 57 sFree
videoFree copy of Manifest Your Dreams e-book PDF

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Manifest Your Dreams

Modern Soulful Living

Modern Soulful Living

Spiritual Professor

Course Instructor

Rev. Dr. Dorthea E. Fondren is a well-known spiritual leader who has dedicated her life to helping people live more fulfilling lives. She is the founder of the Modern Soulful Living - New Age Academy, a community dedicated to helping individuals discover their purpose and achieve their goals. Rev. Dr. Fondren is a highly respected teacher, author, and speaker who has written numerous books and articles on spirituality, personal growth, and self-help. Her teachings are based on a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, and she uses a variety of techniques to help people connect with their inner selves and live more fulfilling lives. Through her work, Rev. Dr. Fondren has touched the lives of countless individuals, and her legacy continues to inspire people around the world to live their best lives.

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