Mindfulness: The Art of Being Present Course

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Duration 50 m 33 s


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Mindfulness: The Art of Being Present Course

About Course

The Art of Being Present online course is a powerful tool for self-improvement and living a more fulfilling life. This course is designed to help people become more mindful, focused, and aware in their daily lives. It offers a variety of techniques and exercises to help you develop the art of being present, including meditation, breathing exercises, and journaling. By taking this course, you will learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions more effectively, improve your relationships, and reduce stress and anxiety. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to live a more mindful and fulfilling life, whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner. The Art of Being Present online course is a great investment in yourself and your future.

Course content

videoIntroduction1 m 35 s Start
videoChapter 1 - Mindfulness & Meditation7 m 51 s Start
videoPerks of Staying Present5 m 36 s Start
videoMethods to Practice Being Present5 m 33 s Start
videoPractices for Mindfulness - Sitting5 m 19 s Start
videoIntegrating Mindfulness into your Exercise Program6 m 16 s Start
videoMaking Every Moment Count5 m 34 s Start
videoResting into Mindfullness5 m 48 s Start
videoYoga & Mindfulness5 m 45 s Start
videoConclusion1 m 16 s Start
Modern Soulful Living

Modern Soulful Living

Spiritual Professor

Course Instructor

Rev. Dr. Dorthea E. Fondren is a well-known spiritual leader who has dedicated her life to helping people live more fulfilling lives. She is the founder of the Modern Soulful Living - New Age Academy, a community dedicated to helping individuals discover their purpose and achieve their goals. Rev. Dr. Fondren is a highly respected teacher, author, and speaker who has written numerous books and articles on spirituality, personal growth, and self-help. Her teachings are based on a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, and she uses a variety of techniques to help people connect with their inner selves and live more fulfilling lives. Through her work, Rev. Dr. Fondren has touched the lives of countless individuals, and her legacy continues to inspire people around the world to live their best lives.

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